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Information on Fuel Surcharge (BAF)

Information on Fuel Surcharge (BAF)
Issuer Fuel Surcharge (BAF) Remarks
Current (2016.1.1~2.29)
Korea 0 KRW One-way trip cost
China 0 CNY One-way trip cost
  • The fuel surcharge is applicable to each one-way leg of the trip paid using the currency of the place of initial ticket issuance.
  • The rate shall be as per the day of ticket issuance. The fuel surcharge can be subject to changes depending on the oil price.
  • If the fuel surcharge rate increases at the time of boarding, the difference shall not be charged additionally. And, if the fuel surcharge rate decreases, the difference amount will not be refunded.
  • Exemption: Infant under 2 who does not occupy a seat.


  • Amendments can be made by no later than 24 hours before the departure, when there are available seats of the same conditions. There are no additional charges.
  • You cannot change to other destinations. Only the date of departure for the same course can be changed.
  • Group tickets will not be refunded or amended.