OB/L Forwarding and Surrender

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OB/L forwarding and surrender system information (China)


  1. 1) When requests for OB/L forwarding are made, the receiver may be issued the D/O without the OB/L once the cargo arrives.
  2. 2) You must accurately request for the amount of OB/Ls desired during shipment reservation.
    Freight payments must be completed before departures.
  3. 3) Even if OB/L requests are not made before departures, telegrams (surrender) can be requested for.
  4. 4) When requesting for telegrams, freight payments must be cleared and telegram applications must be presented to Weidong. If OB/Ls are acquired, at least 1 copy must be returned to Weidong.
  5. 5) When the exporter requests for telegrams, the shipping company will notify you through FAX from the cargo division at the arrival location, and the cargo receiver will receive the D/O then.


  1. 1) Please accurately enter telegram (surrender) or forwarding amount on the shipment reservation consignment file when reserving ship.
  2. 2) Ocean freight payments and other costs are settled (Even if the payment conditions specify that payments will be made on delivery, additional costs must be paid for).