Korean procedures

  1. 01. Cargo Shipment Notification
  2. 02. Request for bonded warehouse after verifying arrival of cargo
  3. 03. Freight list declaration and grouping of cargo for administration
  4. 04. Payment of cargo bill and reception of shipment files
  5. 05. Issuance of D/O (DELIVERY ORDER: Cargo acceptance order)
  6. 06. Agreement of bonded transportation request
  7. 07. Acquire import declaration
  8. 08. Receive cargo
Remarks : Contents for each number shown above
  • 1. When shipment is confirmed an arrival notice will be issued and at if there is a phone or FAX number listed on the B/L, messages can be received more accurately.
  • 2. After unloading of arrived cargo, Youngjin CY will take provision of it and the FCL cargo will be loaded to the requested (cargo storage request ? company form) warehouse.
  • 3. Declare EDI before shipment arrives and being in compliance to the principles in order to prevent smuggling at Customs and to prevent tax evasion, customs inspection of the list will take approximately 1-2 hours. If the receiver’s address is inaccurate or vague on the items in the B/L, there is a high possibility to be chosen as selectee cargo and will be loaded into a warehouse designated by Customs.
  • 4. Receive OB/L or L/G (letter of guarantee) from a bank after paying freighting bill
  • 5. The receiver must present Weidong (Seoul or Incheon) with an OB/L or L/G (letter of guarantee) and submit freight payments and other costs, and finally receive a D/O issued by Weidong. Cargo which the receiver requested for consignment of the original B/L should be confirmed whether it was consigned on the appropriate ship to our company’s warehouse.
    When the consignee for the L/G transaction is a bank, you must also bring an endorsement from the OB/L bank, and the cargo receiver of the B/L is ‘TO ORDER’. Finally, for B/L that was not consigned on the ship, the receiver must bring a bank endorsement.
  • 6. Cargo which did not pass the Incheon bonded warehouse, but was moved to an independent warehouse will, in order to conduct customs procedures in the bonded warehouse of the cargo owner, an agreement will be sent to DTC Express which is the transportation company for D/O issuance cargo. After the transportation company receives the request, bonded transportation declarations will be prepared and necessary files will be directly picked up by the transportation company.
  • 7. You may commission a customs agency to act on your behalf.
  • 8. After clearing customs, the cargo receiver must present D/O, export declaration, and a copy of businesses registration, and then pay warehouse fees at the bonded warehouse and finally receive the cargo.