Chinese procedures

  1. 01. Confirm OB/L consignment and surrender at shipping company after arriving at the ship
  2. 02. Receive D/O (delivery order) after settling ocean freight bills with shipping company
  3. 03. Receiver must proceed through maritime customs in compliance with D/O and B/L
  4. 04. After customs inspection, the receiver must pay additional CY expenses and receive cargo only after contacting the CY transportation company
Remarks : Contents for each number shown above
  • 2. In cases when cargo which cannot be OB/L consigned or surrendered to due B/L NEGO in Korea, the cargo receiver must receive an L/G (letter of guarantee) from the L/C opening bank in China and then proceed through customs and receive cargo.
  • 3. In accordance to the Chinese Customs freight list EDI declaration request, 1 customs declaration for 1 B/L is required during customs inspection, and therefore, the cargo shipment in Incheon possessed by the receiver and the B/L must be negotiated to be consistent.