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OB/L forwarding and surrender system information (Korea)

At Weidong Ferrydeparted ships arrive at its destination on the next day, and therefore, sometimes there are incidents in which the cargo arrives before the files. Therefore, we provide a ship-forwarding and surrender service for original bill of lading.


  1. 1) Original Bill of Lading forwarding: This system is to send the OB/L on the same ship where the cargo is loaded on request of the cargo owner after issuing an OB/L.
  2. 2) SURRENDER: This system is where an OB/L is not issued in accordance to the cargo owner’s request, and the receiver in China must use a B/L copy and other files for customs inspection and to receive the cargo.

In order for quick customs clearance, please forward the original B/L on the ship. If you wish to surrender, you may follow the below procedures.

OB/L forwarding and Surrender procedures

  1. 1) Cargo owners who desire OB/L forwarding or surrender, must affix the CEO seal or on a name card on the bottom portion of the cargo reservation request at time of reserving cargo. Agency name card and seals are not permitted unless the freight forwarder issues a house B/L may the freight forwarder affix their seal on their name card.
    Also, patrons who make cargo reservations using our homepage must send a 1-year shipment forwarding request or surrender request beforehand. When requesting forwarding, please enter the forwarding amount and when requesting surrender, please mark "O" or "V" on the surrender request slot.
  2. 2) Export property owners for Qingda or Weihai must visit our office before banking hours end on the day of departure and make payments, or wire to the below bank. After verification, the B/L will be forwarded on the day’s ship or surrendered. For those who visit our office for payments or make wire transfers after the aforementioned time, after verification we will send a telegram to our Chinese counterpart and assist in clearing customs and receiving cargo with no setbacks (When payments are made with personal names, there is a possibility that it may not be forwarded, so please contact our accountants with the remitter’s name).
    Company Bank : Korea Exchange Bank (Seoul Mapo-gu Dohwa-dong branch)
    Wiring Account : Won 124-22-00401-5 Foreign Currency 124-JCD-100022
  3. 3) After verification of forwarding request and payments, the Seoul office will send the original B/L to the ship via Incheon, and forward the amount requested.
    OB/L’s are securities that prove the cargo’s ship, so please enter it carefully during forwarding. Particularly for L/C transactions, there has often been incidents in which the cargo owner did not pay after receiving the cargo, so please be aware of this.