The Export Process of Korea The Korea International Trade Association(KITA)

  1. 01. Request the shipping company to send the cargo reservation form (full container load, less than container load) via fax, e-mail, or messengers.
  2. 02. The shipping company issues a booking number.
  3. 03. Send a shipping request or packing list & commercial invoice.
  4. 04. Container loading (Door or CFS)
  5. 05. Verification of the gross weight of the container cargo (not applicable for car-ferries, applicable to a cargo vessel)
  6. 06. Check and validate the bill of lading.
  7. 07. Submit the Certificate of Completion of Report
  8. 08. Container now into the CY and loaded on the vessel
  9. 09. Pay the freight and other associated fees and charges before collecting the bill of lading.
Remarks : Contents for each number shown above
  • 3. B/L checks that your company conducted will be registered at Incheon customs and Chinese customs data and therefore, you should accurately check it so that you may avoid inconveniences in cargo acceptance and customs inspection. Because of the characteristics of the owners of cargo and our company’s shipping schedule, S/R forwarding, container-work, and B/L checks are done almost simultaneously (1-2 days before departure).
  • 4. The shipping company must directly allocate and order work for empty containers through a cargo company or CFS
  • 7. If a customs company or agency is used, you must receive an export declaration certificate and register it before noon on the day of departure to the shipping company.