The 21st Century Outlook

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As it was in the past, it is how a country develops the capability to respond to the changing situations and conditions surrounding the sea that
determines her fate. Maybe, that is why many historians say that the 21st century will be another century of the seas.
Weidong Ferryis committed to becoming a top class maritime logistics company by challenging spirits, opening minds,and synchronizing with
the customers in the 21st century.

The Short Term Goals for the 21st Century

  • Sales invigoration and Customer oriented marketing

    Concentration and differentiation strategies for the Incheon and Sandoong Province Courses Customer oriented logistics services and strengthening of the PR

  • Enhancement of the management and performance oriented restructuring

    Improvement of work efficiency and productivity Cost saving and Personal Marking strategy

  • Management diversification and establishment of a knowledge management system

    Strengthen the on-line cooperation system with the partners Expanding investment for enhancing the convenience of passengers and consignors.

Mid-term Goals for the 21st Century

  • Commission and deploy an optimized ferry model for the Korea-China courses.

    Develop optimized vessels for the exchange of passengers and cargo between Korea and China Establishment of a timely passenger and cargo transportation system

  • CRUISE Course

    Develop a cruise for improving the Maritime Tourism of Korea and China by tempting the world's tourists Grow and develop into a large cruise company covering the entire world

  • Korea-China Juvenile Exchange Program

    Support the enshrinement of the relics of Bogo Chang, the King of the Sea. Strengthening of Korea-China cooperation and enhancement of the North-South Korean relationship.