1. Reservations
Reservations must be submitted within a month of departure, unless there are special reasons (periodical examinations and change of departure schedule).
For groups, it will be in accordance with the confirmation of the traveler¡¯s list or separate contract (group travel plans of travel agencies).

- When calling for reservations, please prepare passport numbers, name in English, and contact number (telephone number).
- Reservations are valid until 24 hours before departure, but during peaks (July, August) the validity term is scheduled to change.
- For industrial trainees staying in Korea, boarding passes will be faxed to the designated FAX machine when fees are wired beforehand.
- Reservation Time: Weekdays (09:00-16:00), Saturday (09:00-12:00)
- Reservation Counter: Incheon Passenger Center (032-777-0490)
- Arrival and Departure Time Information: Incheon office (032-777-0495)
* Reservations are not taken on Sundays and holidays.

2. Issuance
Passengers must give name in English, date of birth, sex, and passport number when requesting for issuance.
- Issued boarding passes can be changed 24 hours before departure.
- There is a difference in cancellation fees for before and after departures, so please pay special attention to this.
3. On-site issuance application
For the convenience of provincial and long-distance passengers, we are conducting forwarding services of boarding passes to the terminals after online wires and reservations are made, so please take advantage of this.

- Caution -
Apply to the passenger center by 16:00 one day before departure

¨ç After phone reservations, write down the reservation number given by our company and wire boarding fee to the below account and remember to notify our company¡¯s passenger center that wiring was completed. (When wired after 16:00, on-site issuance is impossible, so please wire during the designated time.)

- Account Number: Korea Exchange Bank 124-22-01946-2
- Account Holder: Weidong Ferry
- Contact Number: 032)777 - 0490~4

¨è Notify the on-site issuance request to the employee at the Incheon terminal ticketing counter on the day of departure, and boarding passes and receipts will be given after verification.
¨é If the above is cancelled, passengers will be reimbursed after notification of the cancellation charge.
¨ê Passengers who are receiving discounts can wire the discounted amount and on the day of departure submit the applicable files (student ID, disability certification).
¨ê (For seniors, infants and young children, passports can be used.)